Swimming in Osbourne Bay

Leg 10 / Day 3

As ever, it is the modern technology that lets you down. We hope that the laptop will be working again before too long so that the log can resume but in the meantime the young people are making the most of the traditional facilities aboard Duet – a bucket of cold water!

A bucket of cold water before swimming in Osbourne Bay

A bucket of cold water before the swim (to avoid cold shock)


Duet in Yarmouth

Leg 10 / Day 2

Young people from York Children’s Services joined Duet on Wednesday  and by the following day had made a successful passage past the Olympic racing off Portland to Yarmouth on the Isle of Wight. Here they were spotted by good friends of the Cirdan Trust Marion and Richard Heming who have kindly supplied this photo of Dawn (Skipper) and Paul (Mate).

Duet in Yarmouth Harbour

The vagaries of internet connections have so far prevent the young people from getting their log updates through but at least we can see that they weather was good in Yarmouth Harbour!

As she heads for Eastbourne Duet is leaving the stronger winds to the West and with South and South-westerlies she should make speedy progress towards her destination.


Duet joins in the Olympic bell ringing

Leg 9 / Day 4 Final Day

Beth says..good making a total racket for start of the olympics.

Sam says…Duet kicks off London 2012 in her own special way.

Becks says..woke up Torquay with bell ringing.

Jenny says…everybody “look at me in my pyjamas,don’t they look good!!”

Ringing the bell for the Olympics

Very nice for her & us!

& Duet gets to cruise in company with friends Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device

Starehole bay… What a beautiful bolt hole at Bolt head!

At anchor Starehole Bay


Water Babies at Play, Drifting & Baking

Leg 9 Day 3

Calm Seas…Drifting & Baking.

With no internet access our phone blog is brief.

Beth says.. after a racing start & helming, the next challenge was to find the jam for baking.
Jenny says… after seeing a pod of dolphins & deck work done, nearly finished the main evening meal. Feel nice & clean after shower in Fowey.
Sam says… after shipping & stowing the tender & much needed shower in Fowey, which reminded me of Balamory, we left in good breeze. Now learning knots…becalmed!!!
Becks says… enjoyed the shower & the sun. All jobs on deck done, now working on RYA Competent Crew.


Below in the Bakery


Comp Crew Knot Practise


The weather is fantastic and the sea too tempting to resist!


Sun Sun Sun!!!!

Leg 9 Day 1

We are so lucky…the topsail is set & we’re away to anchor for supper in lovely weather. At last!!!

Jenny said: Made new friends with five other people. We made a menu and shopping list and went on our own to Tesco Metro to go SHOPPING! Left Falmouth docks to sail and got commented we looked “pretty”! Tacking our way out from Falmouth harbour for anchoring at about 8ish at the mouth of Helford River to have some tea that Sam prepared through the journey.

Beth said: Arrived at Port Pendennis and met my new friends. We all made ourselves a shopping list and went shopping for food. 6 people eat a lot in a week. We set off in fantastic weather and tacked up to the anchorage in the mouth of the Helford River. Sam cooked a great dinner on a level hob. Slightly weird.

Sam said: First stepping on to ‘Duet’ I was struck at how different she was to the usual, smaller dinghies I was used to sailing. The sheer amount of sheets on the deck was very overwhelming; however, after setting off under sail from Port Pendennis Marina I started to become familiar with all the different ropes and soon found out, fundamentally, cruiser sailing is not all that different from dinghy sailing. A thoroughly enjoyable first day with some fantastic weather and a delicious meal, if I may say so myself!

Rebecca said: Having navigated through the complicated marina at Falmouth I met the five other people I would be spending the week with. I had been expecting that the boat would be full, so it was a pleasant surprise to find that the boat wouldn’t be quite as cramped as it potentially could have been. Everyone helped out on deck, and the most challenging thing was to pull hard enough on the sheets to raise the sails: the skipper, Dawn, kept telling us to use our whole bodyweight rather than just our arms. After a delicious meal we all had a deservedly good night’s sleep.


Dry Land at Last

Leg 8 Day 7

Day 7

Courtney: Today was rather unusual, after finishing our final shift we arrived in Falmouth but before docking we spent about an hour cleaning up the boat and tidying up on deck (i.e. Tucking in loose rope ). After arriving inFalmouthwe all went to the showers again and then went exploring the high street, looking for a nice café so we can buy lunch. Afterwards we moved the boat across the pier and arrived at the reception where people were able to look around the boat and ask questions, at first I found speaking to strangers slightly awkward but I soon settled and felt comfortable. I enjoyed the reception and the company of the others but I felt that I wasn’t used to big social events.


Interesting but kind of fun day today. Memories of Courtney’s deep moments from 4 in the morning shifts still fresh in mind, and thoughts of the fact we’re home tomorrow was enough to keep my spirits high for one day longer. We arrived inFalmouthat around 10 and had a last, proper clean up of the boat. We went and had a nice, warm shower, then wandered around town a bit. The town was small compared toSwansea, but it was nice all the same. And, they have damn nice pasties! The evening reception was… interesting, to say the least. I felt awkward talking to people, but I coped okay. We successfully gained our Competent Crew certificates, and we can now look forward to a good night’s sleep, and then the 6 hour road trip home. Mum, dad, Rhian and my own bedroom, here I come!

 Josh Stock:

Today we finally made it toFalmouth. The day started on the last leg around lands end and then down toFalmouth. When we made it toFalmouthwe went for showers and then to the town centre for food. Finally we went to the event where we celebrated the one hundredth birthday of the Duet.

 Joshua Longhurst:

Continuing long shifts, we eventually made it toFalmouth. After showering in the docks we went to the yacht club where we were welcomed and congratulated for completing leg 8 of the journey aroundBritainon the 100 year old boat, the Duet. We were also given our competent crew awards.

 Jessica Brain:

The long shifts are over. I repeat, they are over. Yes, we are here, we are inFalmouth, finally! WE ARE FREE! Well, kind of. We still have to spend the night on the boat, then WE ARE FREE! We arrived inFalmouthearly hours this morning, had a shower and went around the town for food. When we got back we had photos and a Duet tee shirt then went to the yacht club for a reception where we were given our Comp Crew certificates and celebrated with other members of the club. Courtney and I had a wonderful time. I know. When the celebration finished, we went back to the boat, had food and played cards before having our last night on the boat. Thank you, Duet, Dawn and Paul, for this magnificent experience. I shall hold it with me forever.

 Luke Williams:

Finally we have arrived after a long day of sailing toFalmouth. Once we arrived we sat down to debrief before going for a shower then off for a walk around the town we then came back to the boat to clean up before going to the reception which was very formal. We then came back to a meal of chilly and rice. Then we played a game of cards before getting ready to go to bed