Sailing across Tees Bay

Phil Webster, RNLI volunteer and Coxswain of the Tees Pilot Cutter Pilot Cutter sent this picture of Duet heading for Hartlepool across Tees Bay on Wednesday 6th June.

He adds . . .

“I hope that your round Britain trip will inspire at least some of the young crews to look at taking up sailing as a hobby or even look at a career at sea. Once you take that first step onto the ladder of the sea then it opens up a whole new world. New doors keep opening for you & who knows where it will lead you….remember, everyone has to start somewhere.If you find something that you enjoy & want to do, then nothing can get in the way of you reaching it”

Thanks Phil!

Duet sails across Tees Bay heading for Hartlepool

Duet sails across Tees Bay heading for Hartlepool - taken by Phil aboard the Tees Pilot Cutter


Leg 2 group bid farewell to Duet

Leg 2 / Day 6

Jamie . . .I had a  great night  last night.  We were celebrating the 100th birthday of the Duet sailing boat. I met some realy kind and fantastic people.  I would love to say thank you to Dawn and Paul especially for helping us get through this trip. I’d like to say a very big thank you to the Barnados Leaving Care for getting the funding for this trip  and
a very big thank you to Christopher Courtauld for letting us sail and look after his very lovely and precious lady for our leg.

Dominic . . . I thought last night was a brilliant night and i will be sad to be leaving the Duet today and will miss her alot

Tumezghi . . . It was fantastic night and i will miss her a lot and hope i will sail again with her soon!!!

Chris  . . .I had a brilliant night last night. I would like to say thank you to Leaving Care and Dawn and Paul, the crew for this leg and I will certainly keep this memorable trip forever

Cynthia's bruise

How did Cynthia get her bruise? - add your theory as a comment!!

Cynthia. . .  As a Team Leader it has been a privilege to experience a unique sailing and living experience with the young people. The sailing was very demanding for us all as was the communual living.

The presentation and reception was also a very positive evening for the young people who were fantastic with the local dignitaries and other young people visiting the boat prior to their own trip in a few weeks time.

I have to confess that I am looking forward to a hot bath tonight. I have great admiration for our Skipper Dawn and the Mate Paul who brought us through the Wash with great expertise and kept us safe arriving in Scarborough unscathed. My fantastic bruises were aquired in Scarborough.

Michelle . . .As a team leader I was very priveldged to have been part of this wonderful Tall Ship sailing experience. The young people have been great and grown both practially and emotionally and have all individually shone!!!

Dawn and Paul’s passion for their job shines through and without them the experience would not be possible… so thank you… you kept us all very safe and knew best when sea sickness arrived!!! even though I did not think so at the time!!!.

Thanks also to Amy Campbell the Champion for our Leg. You are an inspiration!!

Last night’s hand over of the battern was a truly a great evening , the young people did the  meeting and greeting  and did us proud, I wish the next group much luck… You will love it!

P.S from Dawn….New Game!! guess how Cynthia got her amazing technicolour bruise????

Reception aboard 'Adventure' to welcome Voyage to Success to Hartlepool

Young people from Orcel (group for Leg 5) join the celebrations


Sailing to Hartlepool

Leg 2 / Day 5  (Wednesday 6th June)

Crew on heeling deck of DuetChris . . .It was a good day today. Sailed from Scarborough to Hartlepool. It was funny to see how my leaving care worker, Michelle, took to the open sea. and I HATE WASHING UP.

Tomas (Tumezghi) . . .A lovely day in Hartlepool. Finally done our trip and am so happy to get it done.

Michelle . . . My first day on the open sea sailing from Scarborough to Hartlepool. Was so impressed and proud of the young people as I watched them prepare the Duet for sailing. They worked so very hard and as a team WELL DONE!!! You were all great.

I was sick first thing, but came round quite quickly. Enough to enjoy the amazing journey through the wind and rain and sunshine and of course the excellent company. I even managed to have a go at sailing the Duet. CHECK ME OUT!!! Or all you that know me and know what my driving is like, lol.

Just had a meal cooked by Jaime and I and now settling down for the night. A truly memorable day thank you every one!!

Jaime Had a great day so far, I can’t wait for my own bed, but I have had fantastic week. Thank you to Cynthia, Dawn, Paul and Michelle. Thank you to the Leaving Care Service for the little break away from my family, but I have had a fantastic time with Paul and Dawn and I would love to come on another trip.

Dominic  Well had nice day sailing up from Scarborough to Hartlepool even if it did rain.I got wet sitting on the front of the boat watching for buoys and fishing pots. I am very tired.

Pilot boat welcomes Duet to Hartlepool

Pilot boat welcomes Duet to Hartlepool



A day in Scarborough

Leg 2 / Day 4

All of the young people entered a rowing competition as a fun way of assessing their rowing skills for the RYA Competent Crew qualification. Chris won the race and got a pirate tatoo and a Cirdan Trust sailing hat.

Chris writes . . .  I had a great day.  I won the rowing race then we whent to the beach.Me and Jamie got soaked because we went in the sea. Hope it’s a good day sailing tomorrow to Hartlepool. Wish this trip didn’t end. It’s been awesome!!!

Jamie says . . . I had a good day so far. Burnt my hand but, hay ho, just take it like a man. I have enjoyed the day so far.

Scynthia writes . . .It has been a very good day. After breakfast Michelle and I went shopping for life support supplys and after lunch I had a much needed luxurious shower followed by a walk to the north shore to join the rest of the group. Jamie cooked a great pasta supper and then we planned the following days sailing to Hartelpool.

Paul and Tomas (Tumezghi) say . . . Thank you Jamie for a lovely dinner.

Dominic writes . . . Had a great day went to the north beach. Learned some new knots had a good day other than the LAPTOP NOT WORKING !!!!!!

Michelle writes . . It has been an eventful day. After the rowing boat races we whent to the north beach. The waves seemed to be very angry as they got us all very wet. Some more then others i.e Chris and Jamie.

Jamie cooked a great vegetarian pasta dish for tea. Well at least he told me it was vegetarian! LOL.

Early start tomorrow sailing to Hartelpool. My frist proper day of sailing on Duet’s Voyage to Success 2012. Can’t wait! It is now clean up time then bed.

P.S I had a shower. It was heaven!

Leg 2 crew below on Duet


Quick update – Hartlepool reception

Leg 2 day 4 & 5

Duet sailed from Scarborough arriving in Hartlepool on Wednesday. On Thursday, the crew hosted a reception aboard Hartlepool’s own tall ship  ’Adventure’.

The GBR Ice Hockey Player Amy Campbell who is Champion for Leg 2 spoke about the challenge she has had to overcome in order to win a place representing England in Ice Hockey tournaments around the world at the age of only 18.

She presented Certificates of Acheivement to all the young people from Barnardo’s Lincolnshire Leaving Care Service and the Group Leaders who are sailing with them.

The Iain Wright, Member of Parliament for Hartlepool also attended to congratulate the young people on their achievement.

(Pics and details follow soon)


In Scarborough

Leg 2 / Day 3 A 100 year old traditional sailing boat lies below a towering fish quay awaiting an improvement in the weather. From the cabin comes the flicker of an oil lamp and the chuckle of voices as the crew, by now hardened to their simple way of life, compose their daily log whilst all about, the world celebrates the Diamond Jubilee.

Chris 4/6/2012 In Scarbough waiting for the wave conditions to get better.
I am enjoying everything on Duet. It has been an amazing expereince for me and I had a good day in Scarborough

Its 10.40, sorry that’s 2240 and we are sitting at the bottom of Scarborough Town Quay. We have had a lovely day learning and fixing things,  eating fish and chips and all that stuff you do here. It been a lovely trip here and now were are stuck. OH WELL! and the Jubilee isn’t happening at 5 meters below the pavement. Flash another !! camera BANG!!! It’s ON THE FLOOR. Its working. Panic over.

Tomas The trip has been very good so far and we are here in Scarborough old fishing harbour enjoying ourselves. Michelle swapped with Jane [group leaders] and it was very nice to meet her. The best thing is that Paul taught me how to make a bird with a little square of paper!!!

Dominic (Dom) Today we saw Jane leave be we got Michelle. Taught her how to play spoons. Now I am very sleepy

Cynthia  Jane and I shared the watches though the night when the sailing was hard so I was very sorry and a bit nervous when my friend and colleague left but happy to have Michelle to share with. We have had a happy sunny day in Scarborough. I LOST AT SPOONS !!! DAWN ALLWAY CHEATS

Jamie Had a great day haven’t been sick been crabbing didn’t chatch any crabs but hay ho

Michelle I arrived today finally. 3 days late due to being sick. No sea sickness so far ….. ( fingers crossed ) so excited to be here !!!!! What a great bunch of people I am privllaged to spend the time with …… Played a game called spoons very violent LOL but great fun see what happens tomorrow … another day at sea or in harbour.


Journey to Scarborough by Dominic

Leg 2 / Day 1-3

We started off by getting away from the harbour a few hours after getting there [joining Duet] and anchored in the mouth of the River Stour so we could get our sea legs. We woke up in the morning at 3.00am and started by doing 4 hour watches though the day and night.

My watch consisted of Chris, me, Jane and Tomas. This eventually changed due to sea sickness.  Anyway back to the what I saying, the watch was all of us so we could get the hang of sailing and help put the mainsail up, which I might add is VERY HARD!!!

Then after a few hours we decide to start doing watches so we would not be too be tired. The first watch was me, Chris, Jane and Tomas. I was at the bow of the boat watching out for things in the water such as fishing pots, sand banks, oil rigs, other boats and buoys. As our watch progressed the only things we really saw were a few fishing pots and a few seals on a sandbank and that was the same though most of the day watches.

The night watches are very different as visibility is poor and we had to learn about the navigation lights on board a boat for example: green lights are on the starboard side red lights are on the port side while one white, lights the stern of the boat. On our next watch we got to control the boat, or in sailor talk, we were the helmsman. We also adjusted the mainsail in and out.

Our last night watch consisted of me and Chris due to Tomas being ill and having to take over for Kasanet on the other watch who was suffering from sea sickness quite badly. We had a bumpy ride which consisted of us getting wet and steering the boat on target. I got rather wet because I had my waterproof jacket open at the top. A wave splashed on the side of the boat which then end up GOING ALL DOWN MY OPEN JACKET but nowhere else. I was not happy but at least it WOKE ME UP again. Oh well!

Anyway when we woke up we were in Scarborough and we had to put the sail down while we clipped on our jack-stays to the wire then brought down the mainsail and the other one as well.

P.S  I would like to say thanks to The Cirdan Trust for letting us have this opportunity. We have enjoyed it so far and can not wait till we start off to Hartlepool.

at the helm of Duet


Weatherbound in Scarborough

Leg 2 / Day 3

Duet will be staying in Scarborough today as a 2.9m swell pounds the harbour walls. The swell has built up over several days of onshore winds making the security and comfort of the harbour a much more attractive option. Duet is tucked inside the commercial harbour with the local fishing boats who are also sheltering from the weather.

The day will be spent in preparing Duet for the onward voyage as well as having some games on the beach. The group are also expecting a visit from local scouts who will be coming to view the boat. The young Duet crew will be hosting the scouts and showing them over Duet.

The visit has been organised by Nick Taylor, the local council’s Renaissance Manager who was first introduced to sailing as a boy on a voyage with the Ocean Youth Club aboard Duet. He is now the Commodore of the Scarborough Yacht Club. He spotted Duet sheltering in the harbour and came down to introduce himself.

Fishing dock Scarborough









Photo credit: Carl Spencer


Arrived Scarborough

Leg 2 / Day 2 Sunday 3pm

Duet and her crew have arrived in Scarborough having sailed non-stop from the River Orwell in Suffolk in challenging conditions. An easterly wind meant fast progress but lively sea conditions. The crew were keen to make some distance to the north before the wind began to blow from that direction and make conditions yet more uncomfortable.

“Despite the discomfort of seasickness the young people and their leaders did a great job” said Skipper Dawn.

Chart showing route from River Orwell to ScarboroughHaving sailed through the night, all on-board are looking forward to a good square meal, some sleep and a rest day tomorrow. Despite the difficult conditions, feedback from the crew is still positive. James says “Fantastic trip so far”. Dom said “The trip so far has been ‘very interesting!!!’” whilst Kannet says “I have had an amazing time”

Sailing the whole distance from Harwich without using the engine means that Duet has not charged her batteries so is telephoning her reports in rather than use valuable electrical power charging the laptop.

So far this leg has offered plenty of adventure for the group of young people. We can’t wait to see the photos. Congratulations to all on-board. What a great passage!