D of E farewell pics

Leg 9 Final Day

With the ship’s laptop playing-up it was difficult to get keep the blog going but here are some final pics form the Leg 9 crew of Duke of Edinburgh Award candidates before they left Duet in Weymouth.

Leg 9 Certificate ceremony


Duet joins in the Olympic bell ringing

Leg 9 / Day 4 Final Day

Beth says..good making a total racket for start of the olympics.

Sam says…Duet kicks off London 2012 in her own special way.

Becks says..woke up Torquay with bell ringing.

Jenny says…everybody “look at me in my pyjamas,don’t they look good!!”

Ringing the bell for the Olympics

Very nice for her & us!

& Duet gets to cruise in company with friends Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device

Starehole bay… What a beautiful bolt hole at Bolt head!

At anchor Starehole Bay


Work Before Pleasure

Unfortunately, the leg 9 Champion, Paul Anderson has been called to London on business and won’t be able to join Duet’s young crew on their day sail in Weymouth.  It is very disappointing for both Paul and the crew but he does have a very good excuse having been asked, at the last minute, to help out at the Olympic Opening Ceremony. 

In the circumstances Duet’s crew have decided to extend their passage by calling into Torquay tonight before making their way to Weymouth tomorrow –in time for the fireworks.


Water Babies at Play, Drifting & Baking

Leg 9 Day 3

Calm Seas…Drifting & Baking.

With no internet access our phone blog is brief.

Beth says.. after a racing start & helming, the next challenge was to find the jam for baking.
Jenny says… after seeing a pod of dolphins & deck work done, nearly finished the main evening meal. Feel nice & clean after shower in Fowey.
Sam says… after shipping & stowing the tender & much needed shower in Fowey, which reminded me of Balamory, we left in good breeze. Now learning knots…becalmed!!!
Becks says… enjoyed the shower & the sun. All jobs on deck done, now working on RYA Competent Crew.


Below in the Bakery


Comp Crew Knot Practise


The weather is fantastic and the sea too tempting to resist!


Sun Sun Sun!!!!

Leg 9 Day 1

We are so lucky…the topsail is set & we’re away to anchor for supper in lovely weather. At last!!!

Jenny said: Made new friends with five other people. We made a menu and shopping list and went on our own to Tesco Metro to go SHOPPING! Left Falmouth docks to sail and got commented we looked “pretty”! Tacking our way out from Falmouth harbour for anchoring at about 8ish at the mouth of Helford River to have some tea that Sam prepared through the journey.

Beth said: Arrived at Port Pendennis and met my new friends. We all made ourselves a shopping list and went shopping for food. 6 people eat a lot in a week. We set off in fantastic weather and tacked up to the anchorage in the mouth of the Helford River. Sam cooked a great dinner on a level hob. Slightly weird.

Sam said: First stepping on to ‘Duet’ I was struck at how different she was to the usual, smaller dinghies I was used to sailing. The sheer amount of sheets on the deck was very overwhelming; however, after setting off under sail from Port Pendennis Marina I started to become familiar with all the different ropes and soon found out, fundamentally, cruiser sailing is not all that different from dinghy sailing. A thoroughly enjoyable first day with some fantastic weather and a delicious meal, if I may say so myself!

Rebecca said: Having navigated through the complicated marina at Falmouth I met the five other people I would be spending the week with. I had been expecting that the boat would be full, so it was a pleasant surprise to find that the boat wouldn’t be quite as cramped as it potentially could have been. Everyone helped out on deck, and the most challenging thing was to pull hard enough on the sheets to raise the sails: the skipper, Dawn, kept telling us to use our whole bodyweight rather than just our arms. After a delicious meal we all had a deservedly good night’s sleep.


Sailing to the Olympics

Not quite but it sounds good! – The young crew for leg nine have all joined Duet to complete the Gold Residential section of the Duke of Edinburgh Award; they met for the first time as they stepped on board. Their final destination will be Weymouth where they will arrive in time to experience the atmosphere of the sailing opening ceremony and be in a great position to view the spectacular firework display over the bay.

Champion for this sector is Paul Anderson OBE who is taking time from his busy schedule to support our Voyage to Success. Amongst many other notable achievements such as skippering in the America’s Cup under Sir Peter Scott in 1964, Paul’s sailing skills won him a bronze medal in the Mexico Olympics in 1968 in the 5.5 metre class. Since then Paul has been a prominent member of various Olympic committees, was Chairman and is currently Committee Member of the Olympians Club (former British Olympians Association) and is also Chairman of the Harlequins Players Association.

The young crew are sure to be inspired when their Champion joins them for a day sail on Friday.