Leg 7 change of tack

Leg 7 / Day 2

With considerable regret the young people from Liverpool Positive Futures have had to return to Liverpool while Duet continues her journey without them.

When one of the Group Leaders became unwell on the first night at sea it became clear that he would not be fit enough to continue. With no replacement leader available at short notice Managers ashore at Liverpool Positive Futures decided that the young people would have to return home by land from Holyhead.

“In 12 years of running many trips a year, I can only remember one other voyage which has not finished.” said Leonie Back of the Cirdan Trust.  “Of course there have been moments like this but we have always been able to find a way of making sure the young people achieve what they set out to do. Sadly in this case it was not possible”.

In order that Duet can continue on her voyage without interruption two wonderful volunteers, Horst and Ray have travelled from Swansea Museum to help sail Duet to her next port of call. As regular volunteers aboard Olga, the museum’s own traditional sailing vessel, they will know exactly what to expect when they arrive aboard Duet.

Duet is due to arrive in Swansea on Thursday.


Leg 7 begins

Leg 7 / Day 1 (Sunday)

Young people from the most deprived area in the UK have joined Duet to crew Leg 7 of the Voyage to Success 2012. The young people aged between 13 and 19 are participating in a personal development programme run by Positive Future’s North Liverpool.

The aim for this Leg is to challenge the young people with a new experience, develop their teamwork and life skills, build their self-confidence and thereby reduce their involvement in anti-social behaviour.

Leg 7 crew lock out of Liverpool Mairina

Leg 7 crew lock out of Liverpool Marina hoping for good weather and fair winds.