Leg 10 / Final Day

On route from The Solent to Eastbourne….Seven Sisters in the back ground…all in ,day sail done with Jo Jo champion & big welcome in from scouts & Mayor in Sovereign Lock.

Duet leaves Eastbourne on Tuesday for London.


Swimming in Osbourne Bay

Leg 10 / Day 3

As ever, it is the modern technology that lets you down. We hope that the laptop will be working again before too long so that the log can resume but in the meantime the young people are making the most of the traditional facilities aboard Duet – a bucket of cold water!

A bucket of cold water before swimming in Osbourne Bay

A bucket of cold water before the swim (to avoid cold shock)


Duet in Yarmouth

Leg 10 / Day 2

Young people from York Children’s Services joined Duet on Wednesday  and by the following day had made a successful passage past the Olympic racing off Portland to Yarmouth on the Isle of Wight. Here they were spotted by good friends of the Cirdan Trust Marion and Richard Heming who have kindly supplied this photo of Dawn (Skipper) and Paul (Mate).

Duet in Yarmouth Harbour

The vagaries of internet connections have so far prevent the young people from getting their log updates through but at least we can see that they weather was good in Yarmouth Harbour!

As she heads for Eastbourne Duet is leaving the stronger winds to the West and with South and South-westerlies she should make speedy progress towards her destination.


Leg 10 Champion is JoJo Anderson

JoJo Anderson Champion for Leg 10JoJo Anderson is to be the Champion for penultimate leg of the Voyage to Success 2012. At the age of only 11, JoJo represented Great Britain in the Cadet World Sailing Championships in Mumbai before turning to hockey in which she represented England 25 times.

Following an international sporting career that lasted more than a decade, JoJo travelled to South America where she set up and ran a hockey school for under privileged 6-16 year olds in a shantytown near Lima.

JoJo still cites her time in Peru as possibly “the most rewarding and humbling part of her sporting career” as she was able to offer, through the medium of sports, an escape and hopefully, inspiration for children whose lives had been limited by poverty, drug and alcohol misuse.

As Champion, JoJo will be offering support and encouragement to young people from York Children’s Services who will be sailing Leg 10 from Weymouth to Eastbourne and congratulating them upon their arrival.

“I have been a firm supporter of Cirdan and the work it does with the young through sailing.” says JoJo. “There is no doubt that sailing provides the challenges we all need to bring the best out in oneself and helps one realise we can achieve more than we ever thought possible.  Somehow when you are sailing, cold, wet and miserable there is that extra bit of strength and skill that is needed at the time to get you through.  Not a bad lesson for life.

Have a great voyage on Duet, she is a very special boat and I know you will grow to love every cramped corner of her. See you in Eastbourne.

As anyone who has been following the Olympic sailing on television will know. Duet will have no shortage of wind to speed her on her way towards Eastborne. At least it should be from a helpful direction!

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