Curly Champions Leg 5

Portrait of Curly MillsThe Champion for Leg 5 is Curly Mills. Curly’s extraordinary story is an inspiration. From  humble beginnings Curly built a major heating and ventilation business which he sold leaving sufficient funds for him to become a philanthropist.

As an energetic supporter of the sail training movement, Curly and his wife Barbara have been enthusiastic supporters of sail training in Scotland.

He will be welcoming the young people from ORCEL in Hartlepool Greenock near Glasgow on looking forward to sailing aboard Duet on 28th June.

Speaking with his wife Curly said  “Nearly forty years ago, our eldest daughter sailed with the Ocean Youth Club (as it was then) through the same waters as you have done and emerged at the end of the trip a much more confident person when she stepped ashore.  We are sure that you too feel a sense of achievement in the teamwork needed to sail this beautiful and historic boat. Well done for bringing Duet safely to Greenock, the home of the Ocean Youth Trust Scotland. We are sure that you will all remember this trip for many years to come.”


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