Duet’s Route

Map of the route
















London to Harwich – 26 May to 1 June

Harwich to Hartlepool – 1 June to 8 June

Hartlepool to Eyemouth – 9 to 15 June

Eyemouth to Inverness – 16 to 22 June

Inverness to Glasgow  -  23 to 29 June

Glasgow to Liverpool  -  30 June to 6 July

Liverpool to Swansea  -  8 to 14 July

Swansea to Falmouth – 15 to 22 July

Falmouth to Weymouth -   23 to 28 July

Weymouth to Eastbourne  -  1 to 6 August 

Eastbourne to London  -   7 to 12 August


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One thought on “Duet’s Route

  1. All the best when sailing from Harwich to Hartlepool.
    Have a great time and be good to Cynthia…she needs taking more care of now she has reached her new decade.
    Tessa and Stephen.
    p.s. wish we were with you.

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