Objective achieved

Leg 11 / Day 4 (cont)  

While dodging ferries and experiencing light winds, it was decided that some sail practice was needed. Bethany and Vicky put up the staysail and then Micheala, James and Beth put out the jib after some confused but determined thinking. A proud crew was happy to find that Steff and Alex put up the Mizzen with much success.

Proceeding thus, fish-finger sandwiches were consumed with large amounts of enthusiasm. After some knotting practice, James and Beth were put through some topological bonding which needed some thought to sort out. The afternoon roast was almost lost after some rough waters. At anchor in Southend we made our way to bed at 8pm and slept through – with much effort – ‘till 1am.

Day 5

After a very rocky sleep we raised the anchor and got the adrenalin pumping to get us through the next part of the journey. Everyone enjoyed the night lights whilst on watch . We were visited twice in the night by various security boats including customs who drilled Michaela with questions about her intentions here in England.

After interrogations, she was deemed fit to continue sailing with us. All of the crew then enjoyed a tiring but interesting trip up the Thames surrounded by the unique sights of London landmarks.

We arrived at Limehouse basin full of warm breakfast and many cups of tea to a small crowd admiring the beauty of Duet. Mooring-up proved to be a challenge but one that was accepted with determination. After some stress filled communication, the crew*, first mate and skipper  – tired but satisfied – finished the Voyage to Success at 9am on 11th August 2012. Very proud indeed!

*including Legs, Wellies, Aussie, Flaps, Patax, Boss and Spotter (our newly created nicknames.)

Leg 11 group on deck cutting fruit


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