ORCEL Girls join the Voyage to Success 2012

Leg 5 / Day 1 & 2

Duet locking through Caledonian CanalSophie . . .Although we had train delays on the way up toInverness, we caught up with ‘Duet in Loch Ness. It’s beautiful in the Caledonian Canaland I’m really impressed with every one and their relaxed attitude and hard work, they make me proud!

Shelley . . .Even though we had trouble on the way up, we have caught up with where we are meant to be. The boat is beautiful and everyone has worked hard so far! Enjoy your trip.

Saskia . . .It was a wet start to the first day but the weather didn’t affect everyone’s good spirits. Although getting up at 4.00am was tough, the journey through Loch Ness was great. The scenery is so dramatic and beautiful here it’s easy to see why people love sailing through Scotland. Overall, a good start to the trip and we all hope the fun will continue.

Kayleigh . . .It is amazing scenery in the Loch Ness here in Scotland. We had a rough journey to Inverness with the trains but when we got here we didn’t start sailing straight away, so it gave us time to settle in. I hope you have a good trip on this ‘Duet and look after her because she is special. Good luck.

Heather . . .I have really enjoyed my first day sailing on Duet, I was the first one to steer the boat and it was easier than I thought. The galley (FYI the kitchen) is small but we managed to make food. I went on the front net of the boat which was scary at first but it was fun seeing the sites around us. I have hit my head a few times when moving around the boat but I’ve got used to it as well as the swaying of the boat but I know I will enjoy the rest of my trip.

Illustration of the Loch Ness Monster


One thought on “ORCEL Girls join the Voyage to Success 2012

  1. Only been off the Duet since Friday, but part of me wants to go back, even after saying I wouldn’t be sailing again in my life! You guys should have a great journey, I’d love to sail past Fort William!