Compare and contrast the first two days of Leg 4

Leg 4 / Day 1 & 2

Do you think we should have told Dawn about this ship coming up behind!

Aaron . . . Day 1 Felt very ill, tired, lonely, soaking wet, depressed, lonely shifts, felt very long. Day 2 Arrived in Aberdeen– great! Got to go swimming, got the boat cleaned up, started to enjoy my food. Energy came back, knackered at tea time, as I made tea, but really enjoyed it. Sleep was great – dry!

Oscar . . . Day 1 Mixed feelings – stressed, angry & exhausted. Able to cope but under pressure with being asked by many people to do so many different things. Day 2 Had to drag myself up and decided I was going to stay. Felt cleansed after the swim at the pool, food was brilliant – exactly what I needed, great sleep!

Chloe . . .Day 1 Felt and was so sick – enjoyed doing the shifts – didn’t enjoy the swell & soaking & freezing cold. Day 2 Arrived in Aberdeen, pleased to be here. Very tired – over the moon to get a shower. Loved tea – bangers, mash, roasted veg & gravy. Slept like a baby.

Cory . . .Day 1 Fun for the first couple of hours, then on second shift got really dripping wet, then got waterproofs on, got really moist at the waist. Was funny watching everyone throwing up – was like a zombie movie. Was sick myself and felt de-hydrated. Day 2 . . . Annoyed when I woke up, played my guitar, sang to myself! Swimming pool, steam room an’ ting was great. Felt moist after my swim! Didn’t really enjoy tea.

Scot . . . Day 1 Felt like I wanted to die, faint, no strength, very negative & scared, cold, wet & very sick, went out on all my shifts but didn’t complete it. Wanted to go home. Day 2 Started to feel better, from then on really started to enjoy it, food is really nice, toilet/heads are too small!

Jack . . . Day 1  Felt dodgy, didn’t think I was gonna be sick, but ended up being sick all night, kept bumping myself with the boat swaying. I only managed one hour on shift all night, felt absolutely horrible, just wanted to go home. Day 2 Early on still felt ill and wanted to go home, but as the day went on started to feel better and after a shower I didn’t want to go home. Really enjoyed tea, didn’t sleep well, looking forward to Chinese tomorrow.

Susie . . .Day 1 After a very happy meet up on ‘Duet’, we set sail around 2:30pm. It was raining & the sea was very choppy. It wasn’t long before we were all soaking, cold & very seasick (apart from Oscar). We split into two groups and started four hour shifts. Everyone was feeling down more and more as the night went on. The weather didn’t start getting any better until around 1:00am, most of us had managed to stop being sick by this stage, but we were still soaking wet & so cold.

Day 2  We arrived in Aberdeen with Scot, Cory & Jack certain they were going home, but after cleaning up the boat and deciding on going for a swim, spirits started to rise again. We had lunch then headed to the pool. Everyone was much happier after this and we headed back to the boat, where we had a much appreciated home-cooked tea! We played ‘spoons’ – Dawn was not happy that she didn’t win! Bed was calling around10pm, so after getting tidied up, we all got to a very well deserved bed.

The young people have been so supportive of each other. They are now starting to have a giggle about the experience of the first night and enjoying themselves. They are working amazingly well together as a team and I am both proud and honoured to be supporting this amazing group of young people. There are so many things we are going to be taking away from this trip, something none of us are ever going to forget.