A day in Scarborough

Leg 2 / Day 4

All of the young people entered a rowing competition as a fun way of assessing their rowing skills for the RYA Competent Crew qualification. Chris won the race and got a pirate tatoo and a Cirdan Trust sailing hat.

Chris writes . . .  I had a great day.  I won the rowing race then we whent to the beach.Me and Jamie got soaked because we went in the sea. Hope it’s a good day sailing tomorrow to Hartlepool. Wish this trip didn’t end. It’s been awesome!!!

Jamie says . . . I had a good day so far. Burnt my hand but, hay ho, just take it like a man. I have enjoyed the day so far.

Scynthia writes . . .It has been a very good day. After breakfast Michelle and I went shopping for life support supplys and after lunch I had a much needed luxurious shower followed by a walk to the north shore to join the rest of the group. Jamie cooked a great pasta supper and then we planned the following days sailing to Hartelpool.

Paul and Tomas (Tumezghi) say . . . Thank you Jamie for a lovely dinner.

Dominic writes . . . Had a great day went to the north beach. Learned some new knots had a good day other than the LAPTOP NOT WORKING !!!!!!

Michelle writes . . It has been an eventful day. After the rowing boat races we whent to the north beach. The waves seemed to be very angry as they got us all very wet. Some more then others i.e Chris and Jamie.

Jamie cooked a great vegetarian pasta dish for tea. Well at least he told me it was vegetarian! LOL.

Early start tomorrow sailing to Hartelpool. My frist proper day of sailing on Duet’s Voyage to Success 2012. Can’t wait! It is now clean up time then bed.

P.S I had a shower. It was heaven!

Leg 2 crew below on Duet


Weatherbound in Scarborough

Leg 2 / Day 3

Duet will be staying in Scarborough today as a 2.9m swell pounds the harbour walls. The swell has built up over several days of onshore winds making the security and comfort of the harbour a much more attractive option. Duet is tucked inside the commercial harbour with the local fishing boats who are also sheltering from the weather.

The day will be spent in preparing Duet for the onward voyage as well as having some games on the beach. The group are also expecting a visit from local scouts who will be coming to view the boat. The young Duet crew will be hosting the scouts and showing them over Duet.

The visit has been organised by Nick Taylor, the local council’s Renaissance Manager who was first introduced to sailing as a boy on a voyage with the Ocean Youth Club aboard Duet. He is now the Commodore of the Scarborough Yacht Club. He spotted Duet sheltering in the harbour and came down to introduce himself.

Fishing dock Scarborough









Photo credit: Carl Spencer


Arrived Scarborough

Leg 2 / Day 2 Sunday 3pm

Duet and her crew have arrived in Scarborough having sailed non-stop from the River Orwell in Suffolk in challenging conditions. An easterly wind meant fast progress but lively sea conditions. The crew were keen to make some distance to the north before the wind began to blow from that direction and make conditions yet more uncomfortable.

“Despite the discomfort of seasickness the young people and their leaders did a great job” said Skipper Dawn.

Chart showing route from River Orwell to ScarboroughHaving sailed through the night, all on-board are looking forward to a good square meal, some sleep and a rest day tomorrow. Despite the difficult conditions, feedback from the crew is still positive. James says “Fantastic trip so far”. Dom said “The trip so far has been ‘very interesting!!!’” whilst Kannet says “I have had an amazing time”

Sailing the whole distance from Harwich without using the engine means that Duet has not charged her batteries so is telephoning her reports in rather than use valuable electrical power charging the laptop.

So far this leg has offered plenty of adventure for the group of young people. We can’t wait to see the photos. Congratulations to all on-board. What a great passage!




New group joined Duet and sailing north at 10 knots (that’s fast!)

Leg 2 / Day 1 at 1215 Saturday Duet reports . . .

After an 0330 start from the River Orwell  most of the new group are feeling somewhat queasy as Duet flys north up Cartlon Roads (off Lowestoft) at 10 knots in a fresh easterly wind. The sea is sparkling says the skipper. Not sure what words the group would use to describe it!



Royal Harwich Yacht Club

Leg 1 / Day 7

We were all up spritely ready to set sail. The early mornings now becoming the norm.

We sailed to Royal Harwich Yacht Club taking the long way round to use the sails for the last time – enjoying the beauty of Duet cutting through the waves one last time. Sara steered her in, Becki navagated her and the boys, Tom, Marshal and Craig did all the sails.

A good clean up, postcard writing and certificate giving ended our time on Duet. It was a challange that we met head on. An adventure that will last a life time.

Thank you.


The Grand Arrival

Leg 1 / Day 6

After a nice lay in (6:30am) we set sail for Harwich. Once we arrived we had a clean up session ready to greet our visitors from a local school.

Craig and Sara showed them around Duet and demonstrated their sailing skills. Then it was time to be presented with our certificate by the Mayor and the Lord Lieutenant of Essex.

Today we were joined by Jemma who took videos of the day and joined us for chilli con carne and rice beautifully cooked by Mashal. We were made very welcome by the staff at the RNLI, we got to sit on a lifeboat which was really cool and must have been comfortable as Craig had a little snooze.

Tom tested how quick he could put on the survival suit and managed it in double quick time.

After tea it was a knot tying lesson by Gavin. Backi and Mashal were playing a knot game, trying to get out of a tricky situation before showers and a settle down for our final sleep on Duet. “THAT’S WOT SHE SAID!!”


Essex welcome for Voyagers

Pupils from Harwich and Dovercourt High School were joined by the new Mayor of Harwich and the Vice Lord Lieutenant of Essex at Ha’penny Pier, Harwich on Thursday to welcome the first group of young people to Essex and congratulate them on successfully completing Leg 1 of the Voyage to Success 2012.

Vice Lord Lieutenant of Essex presents Certificate to young personHanding Certificates of Achievement to the 5 young people and the Barnardo’s Group Leaders who sailed with them George Courtauld, Vice Lord Lieutenant of Essex said “I am here as a personal representative of the Queen which shows how important we believe you are and how impressed we are with what each one of you has achieved”. The Mayor John Thurlow gave similar words of welcome to the young people and thanked the pupils from Harwich and Dovercourt High School for coming to greet the voyagers.

The pupils and the young people then went on to the RNLI Lifeboat Station for a tour of the station and some joint team-building games organised for them by the lifeboat crew.

Group shot of welcoming reception on Harwich Pier


Young GBR Ice Hockey Player to Champion Leg 2

Amy Campbell from Hartlepool who represents Great Britain in Ladies Ice Hockey is to be the ‘Champion’ for the young people from Barnardo’s Lincolnshire who will be sailing in Leg 2 of the Voyage to Success from Harwich to Hartlepool..

Picture of Amy CampbellAs Champion for the leg, Amy’s role is to inspire and congratulate the young crew who will have to overcome great challenge in order to successfully complete their voyage.

“Travelling the world to represent my country in Ladies Ice Hockey is great fun and an enormous privilege but it has taken a lot of dedication and belief in myself to get this far” said Amy “I know that the young people sailing aboard Duet will face their own challenges on their Voyage to Success. I can promise them that it will all be worth it because I have learned that every challenge you overcome builds you into a stronger and more capable person. Good luck with your voyage and have fun.”

Amy will congratulate the young people and present them with Certificates of Achievement at a ceremony in Hartlepool Marina on Thursday 7th June attended by Iain Wright MP, Member of Parliament for Hartlepool.


Trip to the beach and looking for treasure

Leg 1 / Day 5

Woke up to thick fog which didn’t lift for most of the journey to Walton backwaters.

We had to really rely on the watch system and charts to get us safely to our destination.

On the beachKelly turned a new shade of green and puked over the side yet again on what Gavin described as a “flat and calm day”. Becky had a nose bleed whilst under navigational pressure.

We had a trip out to the beach (Stone point) in the tender which Mashal and Craig got to test drive and we looked for treasure and built a fire.

Sara tested the life jacket out whilst saving a flip flop, closely followed by Adele losing her own. Lots of laughs again today and we topped the night of with a delicious pasta and tea while watching the sails go by


Middle of the Medway to Burnham upon Crouch

Leg 1 / Day 4

A 4:45am wake-up made for a grouchy start for the group!

Anchors rising, unevenly cooked toast, a few choice words and we set off.

The Duet was expertly sailed to Burnham-upon-Crouch by the whole gang. Becky replaced Gavin as navigator as we all thought she was doing a better job. The waters got rough, drinks crashed about but we all remained calm and tacked the sails with skill.

Kelly threw up over the side but was well looked after by Craig and kept her smiling.

Tom salvaged lunch after a near miss that could have ended in Pot Noodles catastrophe.

Interior shot young people aboard DuetDocking in Burnham brought extra food rations and much needed space. Mashal being a true gentleman returned with a pretty pink rose for Kelly and Adele to brighten their day.

Bangers and Smash were wolfed down and showers were the best dessert we could have wished for.