D of E farewell pics

Leg 9 Final Day

With the ship’s laptop playing-up it was difficult to get keep the blog going but here are some final pics form the Leg 9 crew of Duke of Edinburgh Award candidates before they left Duet in Weymouth.

Leg 9 Certificate ceremony


Liverpool welcomes Duet

Leg 6 / Day 6

Guests congratulate the Leg 6 crewDuet has been given a wonderful reception in Liverpool. She arrived in the River Mersey from the Isle of Man on Wednesday evening and locked into the marina at midnight.

Sail training supporters from the North West marked Duet’s 100th birthday and the successful completion of another leg of the Voyage to Success 2012 with a reception on Thursday. Many of those present had sailed aboard Duet during her 52 years of service to young people in the UK.

The Leg 6 Champion, Lisa Pover congratulated the young people on their achievement and presented them with certificates of achievement.

Young people from Liverpool Positive Futures who will be joining Duet on Sunday to sail to Swansea were on hand to receive the Olympic Baton from the group.

Thanks are due to Emma Ellis and Stuart Wood who helped organise the event and to Dave Murray of Glacier Maritime Academy who arranged free berthing for Duet at Liverpool Marina.

Leg 6 crew and their Champion Lisa Pover


Visit to Cutty Sark

Leg 1 / Day 2  We all woke up after interrupted sleep due to snoring of certain members of the group that snored very loudly. After showering we settled down for a breakfast of sausage and bacon butties which were expertly cooked by Tom.

More in depth safety talks from Gavin and a walk around the deck showing us all the ropes. We then got out the tender and went out for a joy ride around the canals not helped by the engine cutting out. After a big lunch of spag bol and lots of sun cream application. We took a long walk to Greenwich to board the Cutty Sark which was just a little bit bigger then our boat. Becky commented that; when we were walking it didn’t seem to be lots of us, but on our boat it felt like hundreds.

Young person with the baton

After a tour of Cutty Sark we were presented with the baton to begin the Voyage to Success. Following a quick photo shoot, we headed into a Bar to hob nab with the Courtland family. Tom commented “The Cutty Sark had good carpentry” we all welcomed the rest and made full use of the free drinks and sarnies. After a short expedition to get some anti-histamines for Becki’s ever swelling eye we boarded the Thames Clipper.  While waiting for the ferry, Mashal notices Kelly’s lookalike and suggested we take a picture of them together. However Kelly thought it was awkward to ask a stranger for a picture but we took it anyway.

Now it is time for a shower and bed as we set sail at 5:00 AM tomorrow. Good night, hope we sleep tight!

Meg Barnard and her son James hand the baton to Craig

Meg Barnard and her son James hand the baton to Craig Photo: Emily Harris


The crew for Leg 1

The crew for leg 1 rose at 5am this morning to catch the tide down river. After a beating into an easterly wind for most of the way they have dropped anchor in the River Medway.

It has been a day of strong sun so its doubtful that they will all now be quite the same colour that they were when this picture was taken on Sunday afternoon. In the picture they are holding the baton crafted from timber salvaged from the Cutty Sark.

pic of the crew from leg 1


Inspired by London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games

10 days to go! If you are reading this on 16th May - Happy Inspire Day!

UK Inspire day logo

‘Voyage to Success 2012 is one of over two thousand seven hundred projects using the Inspire mark across the United Kingdom. I’d like to thank Cirdan Sailing Trust for all their support and hard work using the power of the Games to inspire change.” Seb Coe, Chair of the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games

But what do we mean when we say that Voyage to Success is drawing inspiration from the Olympic Games? Is Duet aiming to sail to the Olympic ideals of  ’faster’, ‘higher’, ‘stronger’?

No that is not the aim. What the project draws from the Olympics is the spirit of aiming higher, of overcoming challenge, of achieving things that you never thought you could.

It is this spirit that has been recognised by the organisers of the 2012 Games with the award of the Inspire Mark at the masthead of this page. Although there are 2700 local projects in the Inspire programme, V2S is one of only a handlful of national projects. The combination of the route Duet will sail and where our young people have come from allows us to claim that our project reaches every English region, Scotland and every nation in the United Kingdom.

The Inspire Mark is not the voyage’s only connection to the Olympic Games.

  • The Voyage links two Olympic venues arriving in Weymouth for the Opening Ceremony and London for the Closing Ceremony.
  • Duet will be carrying an Olympic baton specially crafted from timbers of the Cutty Sark which will be passed from crew to crew as Duet completes her voyage around Britain.
  • Each of the 11 legs has a ‘Champion’, someone who has inspired others through their actions, and several of these are ex Olympians. They will be joining the participants at the end of their leg to inspire and congratulate.

We are grateful to Seb Coe for his message of support for Voyage to Success. You can send your own good wishes by adding a comment below or messaging @CirdanTrust on Twitter. Use the links at the foot of this page.