Visit to Cutty Sark

Leg 1 / Day 2  We all woke up after interrupted sleep due to snoring of certain members of the group that snored very loudly. After showering we settled down for a breakfast of sausage and bacon butties which were expertly cooked by Tom.

More in depth safety talks from Gavin and a walk around the deck showing us all the ropes. We then got out the tender and went out for a joy ride around the canals not helped by the engine cutting out. After a big lunch of spag bol and lots of sun cream application. We took a long walk to Greenwich to board the Cutty Sark which was just a little bit bigger then our boat. Becky commented that; when we were walking it didn’t seem to be lots of us, but on our boat it felt like hundreds.

Young person with the baton

After a tour of Cutty Sark we were presented with the baton to begin the Voyage to Success. Following a quick photo shoot, we headed into a Bar to hob nab with the Courtland family. Tom commented “The Cutty Sark had good carpentry” we all welcomed the rest and made full use of the free drinks and sarnies. After a short expedition to get some anti-histamines for Becki’s ever swelling eye we boarded the Thames Clipper.  While waiting for the ferry, Mashal notices Kelly’s lookalike and suggested we take a picture of them together. However Kelly thought it was awkward to ask a stranger for a picture but we took it anyway.

Now it is time for a shower and bed as we set sail at 5:00 AM tomorrow. Good night, hope we sleep tight!

Meg Barnard and her son James hand the baton to Craig

Meg Barnard and her son James hand the baton to Craig Photo: Emily Harris