Beggars can’t be choosers…or can they??

Leg 8 / Day 4 

 Phil – After a brisk walk up to the local shops on top of the hill, the group are feeling good and all suffering from land movement. We refuelled and made our way to Beggars Creek. We continued with our sail training under the Sun in a very idyllic setting. The waters were calm and I barely noticed we were at sea. The group used the Tender to go to land which looked really good fun! A new way of cooking jacket potatoes was learnt by all and another attempt at apple crumble went down well. All in preparation for our final journey tomorrow.

Courtney – Today we took a walk to the local Co-Op to pick up some pepper for Dawn, who desperately needed some on her eggs. Later on we took a small blow up boat and we sailed to a bank surrounding by trees, and found the path we needed to take but it was blocked by Ivy so needed to turn around. On the way back we found crabs, fish and small jumping bugs that chased Jess and I across the rocks. I HATE jumping bugs, blech.

Josh L – Today I woke up to yet another wait for breakfast. After our brunch/breakfast we went to the Co-Op to pick up supplies for the boat. After, we anchored further along the river bank to wander around a wooded area. To get to the path we had a climb over the cliff face. Not all of us could get up to the path as most of us slipped down the bank, cut our hands open, bruised ourselves etc. It was fun though, nice to stretch the legs. Tomorrow we set out and anchor again back to where we first anchored in Milford Haven, where we will wait for the good weather…fingers crossed.

Lauren – Long day to say the least! Weather was lovely though. We took a small boat from the Duet to another part of the river where we were anchored. We had a small test on boating terminology, which I had forgotten. Today has proven that I am physically incapable of climbing, but whatever, I don’t particularly care. Dinner was…um fun to prepare. There was a lot to do, but it was all edible. Washing up after has killed me though. My back aches and so do my shoulders. Note to self; give mum more credit for looking after us! Mixed emotions today, but it was a good day!!

Josh S – Today we sailed to Beggars Creek where we anchored. It was an easy trip as the weather was very good. Once we made it to Beggars Creek we took another boat out to the shoreline where we tried to find a pathway. It was a very fruitless endeavour as we couldn’t even get up the first hill. I arrived back to the Duet for tea and finally bed!!

Jessie – Today was calm, after breakfast we walked to the shop to get pepper and towels. During the walk I had a phone call from home that cheered me up very much. When we got back I sorted my clothes out and cleaned the boat. We then did a bit of calm sailing and stopped at Beggars Creek. We put up the Tender (air boat) and all went over to the shore, where we had to climb up the hill to find the path and get to the other side. Due to some people not being able to climb we were unsuccessful and needed to come back. Oh, and I almost started climbing. When we got back I made dinner (jacket potatoes) and cleaned up. Today was nice and sick free!!! Yey!! I think hearing form my parents made me feel a lot happier and calmer but some people are getting on my nerves. The boat is too small to get along with everyone I guess.

Luke – Today was a much better day, nice and calm and lovely and warm. We had a nice walk up to the shops to get pepper and towels. After that we had a nice sail over to Beggars Creek to anchor down fro the rest of the day. We went to shore to find something interesting but we couldn’t get far as some people couldn’t climb the hills. We then came back to a nice meal before bed.

Beggar's Creek