Follow the Voyage to Success

She may be 100 years old but Duet is still finding new challenges. This year she embraces social media for the Voyage to Success 2012. This is your chance to follow Duet in her work with the Cirdan Trust as young people sail her around Britain to mark her centenary and the London 2012 Games.

This Cirdan Trust voyage will be interactive like none before it. A unique opportunity to follow the voyage ‘blow by blow’ (hopefully around force 4 or 5 and not from ahead).

Each of the 11 groups that will be sailing in relay around the coast will be providing regular updates to these pages and of course there is Facebook and Twitter (links to the right of this page). Please go there now to follow our progress and don’t forget this is interactive so please add your comments.

All this technology is so new to Duet that we have even had to fit her with an inverter so that she can power a laptop. A traditional ‘classic’ laptop of course – and gaff rigged naturally!

Voyage crew hoist a sail

All smiles now but have you seen the forecast!