Sailing across Tees Bay

Phil Webster, RNLI volunteer and Coxswain of the Tees Pilot Cutter Pilot Cutter sent this picture of Duet heading for Hartlepool across Tees Bay on Wednesday 6th June.

He adds . . .

“I hope that your round Britain trip will inspire at least some of the young crews to look at taking up sailing as a hobby or even look at a career at sea. Once you take that first step onto the ladder of the sea then it opens up a whole new world. New doors keep opening for you & who knows where it will lead you….remember, everyone has to start somewhere.If you find something that you enjoy & want to do, then nothing can get in the way of you reaching it”

Thanks Phil!

Duet sails across Tees Bay heading for Hartlepool

Duet sails across Tees Bay heading for Hartlepool - taken by Phil aboard the Tees Pilot Cutter


Young GBR Ice Hockey Player to Champion Leg 2

Amy Campbell from Hartlepool who represents Great Britain in Ladies Ice Hockey is to be the ‘Champion’ for the young people from Barnardo’s Lincolnshire who will be sailing in Leg 2 of the Voyage to Success from Harwich to Hartlepool..

Picture of Amy CampbellAs Champion for the leg, Amy’s role is to inspire and congratulate the young crew who will have to overcome great challenge in order to successfully complete their voyage.

“Travelling the world to represent my country in Ladies Ice Hockey is great fun and an enormous privilege but it has taken a lot of dedication and belief in myself to get this far” said Amy “I know that the young people sailing aboard Duet will face their own challenges on their Voyage to Success. I can promise them that it will all be worth it because I have learned that every challenge you overcome builds you into a stronger and more capable person. Good luck with your voyage and have fun.”

Amy will congratulate the young people and present them with Certificates of Achievement at a ceremony in Hartlepool Marina on Thursday 7th June attended by Iain Wright MP, Member of Parliament for Hartlepool.