At Holy Island

Leg 3 / Day 5

Bethany . . .Today we arrived at Holy Island. No-one was sick apart from Steven. We put our life-jackets on with our waterproofs. We had a look around at the buildings, castles, ships, etc . . .I bought presents for my family. Kyra and I found shells on the beach. I also found a live crab. Conner found a dead one and a crabs claw too. It was massive.

Kyra . . . We arrived at Holy Island at 11:55. We put the sails down in two teams. We made sandwiches (tuna and sweetcorn). After we had our sandwiches we cleaned the boat from top to bottom. Me and Bethany washed the dishes and dried them. Steven did the cooker and Conner and Ashley did the saloon and the heads. After that, we got the dinghy and went onto land to explore. Bethany and Conner found crabs and I found shells and pottery. Later we got onto the boat and drew the boat while we waited for out tea.

Conner. . .We left quite early but not to early. It was a short sail at only 1 hour and 30 minutes. We arrived for 12 but had to have a happy hour (cleaning) which lasted for about 3 hours, but then we went ashore. W had a look around and had to return at 7:00pm. After buying Dawn and Gavin Kit Kats and we had ice creams. We also had a story competition. We had a look on the beaches for crabs.


North Shields – Farne Islands – Holy Island

Leg 3 / Day 3 

Anchored at the Farne Islands

"We have come to a place that is trapped in time!!" Conner

Conner . . .The sail started well until after dinner when I was sick. But I soldiered on and eventually became well again. Unfortunately it was very, very cold.

As we sailed, time caught up and we had to drop the sail and motor inside The Kettle. We had an alright sleep in the Kettle at the Inner Farne Islands. After debrief it was seriously surreal and trapped in time. I started to miss home, but mainly my dog as I’m used to it waking me up in the morning.

Bethany . . . The weather yesterday was a little windy but sunny too. Yesterday we sailed approximately 65 miles. However, I am missing my family and my house. I also miss my dog. I am looking forward to tomorrow.

Dawn and Gavin are very kind and helpful. We ate our food downstairs whilst the boat was rocking. It was a very big challenge. Me and Kyra kept falling asleep and everyone was being sick all over.

Tomorrow I am going to try harder at not falling asleep. Today, the weather is very warm and sunny. I feel better now.

Ashley . . . Woke up this morning with a struggle feeling rough after an unsettled night. Breakfast was lush though, poached egg on toast.

The young people worked well today. Got the sails up ‘ne bosh’ and were quick to respond to instructions. Later on we were struck down by unfortunate weather and more sea sickness. We all carried on to the best of our ability.

The evening went on late into the night. The young people were falling asleep standing with heavy hearts and heavy eyelids.

Steven . . . Today has been a long and tiring day. We were able to sail for most of the journey. However, for the last 2 hours the tide was going against us. We ate our lunch and evening meal on the go which was quite a challenge when the boat is being rocked all over the place.

I was very proud of the young people today as they soldiered on with their work though they were falling asleep. It has been a great day for sailing.

I feel that the young people have really perked-up today and are trying to get the most out of what they have learnt so far.

A lesson that I feel we have all learnt from today’s sail is, even if it is sunny, we should still wear our waterproofs.

We have anchored at Holy Island now so that we can get the boat cleaned up and have a good look around the island.

Conner . . .  We woke up and had to having to flake anchor chain. Once we did this and had breakfast the sun came out so that we could sail most of the way. Once we got near we dropped the sail. The sun was glorious.

The wildlife is very, very friendly and inquisitive. Now we are anchored there is no rocking and we are fine below and above deck.

Ashley . . .I felt nice and fresh today we sailed from Farne Islands to Holy Island.

The weather is beautiful we had our breakfast. I felt very sick but after when I ate it I felt alright. The weather is a lot calmer.

Onward we travel. I got twanged just below the eye with a bungee cord but carried on ‘cos that’s how I roll!

After sailing for a tad, we anchored at Holy Island. We have made friends with lots of seals.  Motivation, energy and general feeling is at a high. Time to go and explore…