A day in Scarborough

Leg 2 / Day 4

All of the young people entered a rowing competition as a fun way of assessing their rowing skills for the RYA Competent Crew qualification. Chris won the race and got a pirate tatoo and a Cirdan Trust sailing hat.

Chris writes . . .  I had a great day.  I won the rowing race then we whent to the beach.Me and Jamie got soaked because we went in the sea. Hope it’s a good day sailing tomorrow to Hartlepool. Wish this trip didn’t end. It’s been awesome!!!

Jamie says . . . I had a good day so far. Burnt my hand but, hay ho, just take it like a man. I have enjoyed the day so far.

Scynthia writes . . .It has been a very good day. After breakfast Michelle and I went shopping for life support supplys and after lunch I had a much needed luxurious shower followed by a walk to the north shore to join the rest of the group. Jamie cooked a great pasta supper and then we planned the following days sailing to Hartelpool.

Paul and Tomas (Tumezghi) say . . . Thank you Jamie for a lovely dinner.

Dominic writes . . . Had a great day went to the north beach. Learned some new knots had a good day other than the LAPTOP NOT WORKING !!!!!!

Michelle writes . . It has been an eventful day. After the rowing boat races we whent to the north beach. The waves seemed to be very angry as they got us all very wet. Some more then others i.e Chris and Jamie.

Jamie cooked a great vegetarian pasta dish for tea. Well at least he told me it was vegetarian! LOL.

Early start tomorrow sailing to Hartelpool. My frist proper day of sailing on Duet’s Voyage to Success 2012. Can’t wait! It is now clean up time then bed.

P.S I had a shower. It was heaven!

Leg 2 crew below on Duet