Showers, dry clothing and sleep

Leg 8 / Day 3

Courtney says: The waves were much, much calmer today as we arrived in Milford Haven. So we had a comfortable journey and later on I had a shower which was awesome. Can’t wait until bedtime!

Josh L says: Waves? Where you go? Not that I’m complaining! Much calmer today, calm enough to deck up in Milford Haven where we have taken cover from the elements. After a short debrief, I ran off to use the deck showers…bliss! After staying up all night on deck last night freezing, it’s just what I needed. It’s been a very quick day today, but around the corner is an early start.

 Lauren says: Day 3 was a lot better. I didn’t feel sick to the point I wanted to go home at all and I was eating properly. We spent the day in Milford Haven so we could send our soaking stuff through the tumble dryer, and have a well deserved shower! On the way in I learned to navigate a little and I steered the boat a bit. (Proper term begins with ‘H’ but I can’t remember it…) The day was fairly easy and enjoyable, so it will be interesting to see what the last 5 days bring! I spoke to mum, dad and Rhian too. (Rhian is my younger sister). They all miss me, I miss them, and mum and Rhian should stop being wimps! I’ll be home on Sunday!

Josh S says: The day started in Milford Haven where we were anchored. We then sailed through the mist to Milford Haven Marina. It was a long trip but the waters were calm so it was easy. When we made it to the Marina we could finally get back on dry land. Where we could have a shower and dry our wet clothes. Once we got back to the boat we all fell asleep.

Luke says: Today was a much better day. We set sail to dock up in Milford Haven, the sea was a lot calmer today. I was on watch for the way down. Once we got to port I had a lovely shower but whenever I closed my eyes everything felt as if it shook. Then I was carrying all the gear to get it dried once we had done that we went to bed.

 Jessie says: Today I was better! I was not sick and we didn’t go on rough waters. I had some cereal this morning. We sailed through the mist into a marina where we stayed at night. It was fun, I got to drive!! And no, I didn’t almost flip the boat, I was a good driver. I had a warm shower in the marina and it was lovely! We also got to dry our stuff but most of them didn’t dry. I ate dinner, it was good potato, ham and cheese, and chocolate orange angel delight, it wasn’t that nice. Sleep will be better tonight and I’m glad I haven’t been sick. I wish the rest of the trip would be like this, but I don’t think its going to be!

Phil says: A good lie in was welcome but we still needed to be up. Breakfast was served but it was midday by the time we had finished. The mist was heavy and cold, so we took our time to get to Newland Marina to moor up for the night. The guys are learning new skills each day. Josh S can now butter bread, cook eggs and bacon and cut cheese, as well as developing his sailing lingo. All the kit is now dry and the showers were really hot and powerful which was great! Good nights sleep was had by all!

At anchor in Dale Bay



Leg 6 / Day 3

Paul . . Day 3 was pretty banging. We arrived in Peel the night before and got a mooring spot in the morning. SHOWERTIME!!! Hot water never felt so good. We have also explored a castle and walked the hills. Me John and Cleghorn decided to took a detour and got lost in super bushes. On the way down we saw a team of sheep on the cliff and Lexi thought he saw a sheep flying.

That night Paul took us for a pint and John got whipped at pool.

Lexi . . .We got a shower this morning. It was great. I never wanted to get out. Later on we went for a walk around Peel. The town centre was tiny. ‘Not wit we’re used tae!’

We went for a walk around Peel Castle. The woman let us in for free (proud of her). It was good. Later on Tiny, Cleghorn and me went and picked stones and shells of the beach tae take home. Later still we had dinner and went out together.

PS Me and Dempsey puff like chimneys and we made it tae the top of the hill and Paul and Andy bottled it (Chickens! LOL)

 Leg 6 / Day 4

 Paul . . We have sailed around the Isle of Man to Douglas and arrived at 6pm. 32 miles to get fuel!

One more leg to Liverpool. We saw a KFC and I started to feel a bit normal. Came back and got a banging roast beef dinner. They have all gone for a short walk., I don’t want to get soaked in rain so I am staying here to read for a while and get a bit of peace.

Liverpool can not come quickly enough!!!

An island on the West Coast of Scotland

Not the Isle of Man