Refreshed and revitalised

Leg 3 / Day 4

Oscar . . .More relaxed day today still knackered though. Finally got a lighter! Had a good Chinese! Ate 5 platefuls and a bowl of ice cream, also tried sushi for the first time – really liked it. Went through theory of the competent crew and I’m finally confident I can do it!

Got some messages of support through the blog from people I don’t even know, it was nice to even know people are interested in our wee quest to the capital of the highlands and it gave me a boost of energy to go on. Maybe I’m self conscious that people will be observing us.

Chloe . . .Woke up felling very refreshed after a good nights sleep on “Duet” and went for a nice relaxing swim, just for another wash, was great. We got a bit shopping and a Starbucks, it was yummy!  At this point though I was getting really excited for our Chinese though. So we ventured down to the beach front and had a little wonder and look at the beach, all to be amused by a seagull eating a fish. Then ate far too much in the Chinese and almost exploded was a great day.

Aaron . . .Woke up feeling great very happy. I knew it was going to be a good day due to us getting to go swimming. We went to bed early as we had to get up for3 am to start sailing to Inverness, we also went for a Chinese buffet which was brilliant and cheered Dawn up as she hadn’t had a Chinese in ages. I was disappointed at the Chinese as it had no fried sea weed!