Thank you from ORCEL

Leg 5 / Day 6 (Friday 29 June)

This morning we completed a thorough top-to-toe cleaning of Duet before saying goodbye to our wonderful Skipper and Mate, Francis and Gavin.

Gavin has been amicable and easygoing, and kept his cool under pressure.  He gave clear instructions and was always ready with extra information.  Problems were met with a smile.  He is dedicated to Cirdan Trust and Duet, and is a shining example to all in sail training.

Our skipper Francis has been calm and kind throughout the week.  He manages to be entertaining, inspiring and instructive, a rare combination, and he is a true professional.

We are indebted to them both.

A special mention also for Duet’s marvellous rainproof jackets and trousers, which were indispensable this week as it rained nearly every day.  Without them we would have been washed, rinsed and blown to smithereens.

The accommodation on Duet is cramped and we sometimes felt like sardines.  You have to keep your elbows tucked in while moving about.  There are no portholes or windows below deck.  But when you’re up on deck it feels spacious and comfortable with endless vistas of sea and sky, and new horizons.

Thank you from our Orcel Sea Training group to all at Cirdan Trust for this unique opportunity and for an unforgettable trip.


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