Incredible scenery and wildlife

Duet has crossed Scotland from East to West via the Caledonian and the Crinan Canals

Leg 5 / Day 4 & 5

Sophie writes . . .The last couple of days have been incredable. The scenary and the wildlife have amazed me. The pod of dolphins was so beautiful and I am so happy I have the videos so I can keep watching them. It is certainly a memory I won’t forget.

The sailing was good. A bit wet and cold and going through the locks was hard work but fun as we had to open and close them.

Duet locks through the Crinan Canal

Duet transits the Crinan Canal

Dolphins escort Duet in the Lynn of Lorne

Dolphins escort Duet in the Lynn of Lorne



One thought on “Incredible scenery and wildlife

  1. Lovely pictures, and good to hear news of Curly Mills as Champion.
    What news of ORCEL crew? How were the canals? And how is the sailing? And the weather? And the scenery? Would love to hear how it’s going!